UBC Microaggressions

Because shitty stuff happens at UBC all the time, too.
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"I’m not homophobic but I endorse eugenics!"

Maybe this isn’t just a microaggression, but someone I know once told me that they believe that if there existed a drug or shot that made sure people don’t become homosexual, he would endorse it. His argument was that nobody actually wanted to be homosexual and that their lives in (our) society are made very difficult - THEREFORE we should suppress homosexuality as a genetic (or something to that effect) feature. 


Being told by your professor over and over and over again throughout the term that she can’t (or won’t) remember your name because you look like the 3 other asian girls in a class of 15 kids.

"Tend and Befriend"

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I was in a health psych class, talking about how people react to stress.  There was the typical “fight or flight” model, and then a talk about long-term effects of stress, and then my prof brought up the next point — “tend and befriend.”  As she started talking my jaw just fell open, mind this was awhile ago, so I don’t remember it word for word.  Basically, she said, “the tend and befriend response to stress primarily happens in women.  When women are under stress, they like to look after people, and reach out to people.  Biologically speaking, they are caretakers.”  I was shocked.  As a female, I know I certainly do NOT “tend and befriend” anyone while I’m under stress — quite the opposite.  Also, I know a few men who seem to follow that model when under stress.  Now I know I’m comparing my own experiences to a scientific study, but the study itself seemed sexist (not to mention exclusive of anyone outside the gender binary), and my FEMALE prof presented it to us in such a way as though we were to expect women to fall into this stress response.  It just forcibly reminded me of how sexism pervades everything, and how scientific ‘fact’ is so often taken as absolute truth.

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I am not Asian; however, I can’t help but notice everyone and their friends keeps complaining about how many asians there are on campus. As in there are too many asians. Isn’t the notion of too many people of one race, racist in itself?